Personal – Events – Abunai Afterparty!

So yesterday I went to the Abunai Afterparty at Utrecht. Basically it was just an Utrecht Cosplay Meeting, but with an other name. I stayed over at Mala’s the night before, because I could and because I love sleepoverd. We woke up at 8.30 in the morning, dressed ourselves [especially Mala took a long time for that, since I was going casual], and around 10.46 we had the train to Utrecht.

After arriving at Utrecht Central, we regrouped with the others. It felt good to see people I hadn’t seen since Abunai, hug them and talk to them. After waiting for some people, we went towards the Domtower and the church garden. We had so much fun! Took pictures, being random and more. I also took a few nice snapshots of Mala, these are the three I think are the prettiest:
There are a lot more where those came from x3 At least now she can’t whine she doesn’t have enough pictures of herself, haha.

After the garden we went to the Mangakissa. Wich was also really fun! Wietz brought the most delicious cupcakes, wich I nommed very happily. We got tea from the Mangakissa crew and talked, played cardgames and lounged for some hours. And Stefan bringing us selfmade chocolate cookies wich were also very delicious. Around five we went to McDonalds to eat. Also had alot of fun there. We had our own orgie with around ten people on the benches [not an actual orgie, relax], me and Alyssa tried to strip jens of his pants, in wich we failed. Then, I think an hour and a half later we went to the arcade! Was lots of fun, got beaten by jens during our DDR rematch [I was playing with high heels, I blame them for losing]. Other people had a motorrace match or a laserhockeymatch.In the meantime some people were leaving, and around 7.30 we went to the station with the rest of the group. There we took this awesome group picture;
Kind of blurry butwhocares. Some people left after this picture was taken tho. So sad.

So a few of us were still left, and we didn’t feel like going home just yet. I mean, it was only 8.00! So we decided to go to the most awesome rock cafe ever, Stairway to Heaven, and grab ourselves a drink. So much fun~! Talked about the most funniest [and perverted] things, and around 9.45 we had to go to the station already because it was time to go home. When we grouphugged two random dirty old men joined us, on wich I screamed ‘EEEEEW’. Was funny. Then I hugged some people seperatly and walked to my train. And with that, A wonderfull day ended. Made me really sad. In my opinion it was one of the most awesome meetings I’ve been to. And I really want to go to Stairway to Heaven more often with friends. But erhm yeah, it’s kind of far away from where I live. Sadface.





My favourites – Ended dance, as sung by Krissie

A little blogpost about one of my favourite songs, Ended Dance. This song is written and sung by a friend of mine, Krissie. I adore her singing voice, so I was really excited when she told me she had recorded a song she’d written herself. I really feel a connection to the lyrics of this song, and I don’t think I’m the only one. The music is very soothing, and I can’t help but smile everytime I listen to it. Even though it makes me think of people I lost, it doesn’t really depress me. Everything just fits so well together.

The Video with the song

The Lyrics

There is so much I’d like to say to you..
And there is so much I did wrong

There is so much I’d like to do..
But if I lose it I will never make it trough

I try my best to find the strength
to say goodbye to my past

The dance has ended..
No more twirling around..
No more holding you tight..
The dance to the song
that we both loved for so long
I have to turn around
And move on..

It was such a lovely time..
And I enjoyed every minute of it..
But I know it will be the past right now..
And I will never forget.. what we had..
But even now, where I know that it ended..
It’s so hard, so hard.. to stay strong..

Still I hope you will think of me..
But I know it’s not for real..



But I will always remember
And I will never forget the words you whispered in my ear
The soft I love you..
the love I received from you
The great moments we shared.
it’s all gone!

the dance has ended..


and move on~

My love will..

live on…

and move on~

My love will.. live on.. Live on..

And what is one of your favourite songs?

Guestblogpost — Making a skirt – by InsolentLady~

A guest blog for my dear friend Immi, of course I would do that. And after long thinking I found a nice subject for her blog.

Well we all know that your favourite jeans or other pants die way too fast. Holes everywhere from the legs till the crotch. Here a simple thing you can do when your pants just died!
All you need is :
-Pair of pants
-2 or 3 colours fabric
-Sewing machine
-Measure tape
-Pins with plastic heads

If you have all this, let’s get started!
First step – cut of the legs of the pants, just below the crotch. Then you cut open the crotch and then you carefully cut your “once pants” into a very very short mini skirt. Make sure you cut straight!

Second step – cut the fabric you bought, you can buy one colour or more colours fabric, whatever you want, but it has to be a thin fabric, I used texture which is a bit too thick but if you practice it works.
You have to cut three pieces : one of 40 cm, one of 30 cm and one of 18 cm long, the fabric should be 1.40 to 1.50 width

Sow the side of the strokes close and make sure you sowed the underside of the fabric too, you don’t want to walk around when your fabric is losing treads !

Third step – Put the three or two strokes over each other, longest stroke inside and then the middle stroke and/or the last stroke of fabric. Now you have a three or a two layered skirt. Now you thread and wrinkle the upper side of the layers together, make sure the wrinkles are neat and then sow the skirt on to the mini skirt you made from your pants.
And done is your skirt!
Like I said I only used two layers, now I have a nice short skirt that stops above my knees. If you make one like mine you only need to cut the stroke of 30 cm and the 18 cm one.


I’m really sorry that I don’t have photos on the work in progress!
Well that was my guestblog!

Shameless Advertising

I didn’t have a clue what to write about and I wanted to do an update, so time for some shameless advertising for a few blogs made by friends of mine.


She likes bento
A blog by Cynni, with lots of delicious bento’s, recipes and a bookreviews, it just makes you drool so yummy!

Cosplay Designy
A blog by designy, about her cosplay life. With progress, convention and meetings and more. In dutch.

The Geek Show
Blog for everything Geekish! They also have their own radioshow every monday at 6pm english time [7pm dutch time].
Blog by Patrick, Dutch convention review and more :3

Insolent Lady
A blog by my friend Caroline, about travel and lifestyle~

Style of Sophie
Blog by one of my friend’s little sister, Simple beauty blog with handy tips and more! In dutch

Awful Cupcakes, a snack to go with awful reviews
A blog by Meave. Movie and game reviews, but with that delicious criticism I love her for~ Don’t be suprised if she takes down your favourite movie with well-build argumentation~ :3

I Are Kitty blog
A blog by Kyra, with beauty reviews, random things and event reviews. Really worth looking ^__^ In dutch

Smiling Beauties
A new blog to me, made by Kaylani and friend, also with beauty reviews and some random things inbetween. In dutch.

By Laura, about lifestyle, travel and more.

Malthinae’s Epic Yarn
A starting cosplayer and fashion student, who keeps you updated about the cosplays she makes and why she makes them.


Hotspots – Yves Rocher store, Utrecht

Since two weeks, Utrecht centre has an Yves Rocher store. For those who are not familiar with Yves Rocher, Wikipedia says the following;
Yves Rocher is a French cosmetics brand. The company was founded in 1958 in the French La Gacilly in Brittany by the entrepreneur Yves Rocher (1930-2009).The company Yves Rocher had 2004 sales of just over two billion U.S. dollars. It employs more than 13,000 employees and the company is present in 88 countries.The group also carries the brands Daniel Jouvance, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, Isabel Derroisne, Kiotis Gallery and Noemi. The company produces products based on natural ingredients. In addition, none of the products are being tested on animals.

Me myself, I am quite familiar with YR, seeing as my grandmother used to order stuff from there, and I always got the free samples she didn’t use, or the little free gift that you recieve with every order. YR is mostly known as a webshop [ %5D. I knew there was a shop in Rotterdam, but I don’t go to Rotterdam that often, so when I saw that there would be one in Utrecht, I was really excited! I may live in one of the most southern parts of The Netherlands, but when I really want to go shopping, it’s Utrecht. It’s centre is just so much bigger.
So yesterday I went to Utrecht again, to visit the mangakissa and to check out this store. The store is really bright and neat, and when you go inside your nose gets filled with a delicious mixture of scents. Everything is ranked by skintype and collection, and in the middle of the store you can find the make-up and a little further inside a table with perfumes. When I entered and let my nostrils gasm with the nice smell, I gawked and walked through the entire store not once, not twice, but thrice. The saleswoman must’ve thought I’d be trying to steal something haha. I’ve touched and tested everything that seemed interesting, like a little girl in a candystore.

Ofcourse I also bought something, a little present for Kyra wich just screamed her name all over it. I will give it to her after the weekend, and hopefully she’ll do a review about it on her blog [knowing her, she will], and then I’ll edit this blogpost with a link to the review 😉
Either way, when I went to the checkout to pay for my purchase, they offered me a membercard, wich I gladly accepted! At the moment I have a temporary tho, next time I visit the store I will get the official card and a free welcoming gift. Also I had to fill in my birth date so they can send me a free gift for my birthday! I have to see if I actually get one, but luckily my birthday is in about three weeks so I don’t have to wait long. Then I got this envelope with information about YR, the membercard, and a few samples! I love free samples *w* Also they don’t have plastic bags, because of the environment, so they sell handy little recyclable bags that don’t take up alot of space in your bag when packed, for only 90 cents [ Like this but in green > ].

I left the store with a smile on my face, and I’m certainly shopping there more often!

First timers – Ebay shopping!

I’m a bit ashamed to say, but a few weeks ago I bought my first things on Ebay! I recovered my passwords for both Ebay and Paypal, cause, well, I can’t always rely on others to buy me stuff from Ebay. And since I had recieved extra money, it was the perfect time to browse around for nice stuff!
-Find me some cute asian fashionwear for cheap prices
-Finding a present for Kyra and Cheyenne’s birthday.

I ended up with a total of 5 things owo Being:

Two cute hoodies, one for Kyra and one for me. She gave me so much, in more than one way, so this is my little way to thank her. Payment has been processed and are on their way to here!
[Left one is for Kyra, the right one in black for me]

Cute Hello Kitty phone cases. One for Kyra and Chey for their birthday, one for me and one for my little sister. Payment has been processed and are on their way here.

Kyra’s birthday presents. A little plush telephone holder. Payment is being processed.

Cheyenne’s birthday present. A tofu phone charm. Don’t know wich colour I’ll get tho, I just get one randomly. Payment is being processed.

So, what was the first thing you ever bought on Ebay? Or can’t you remember anymore since it’s been too long ago?

My favourites – Strawberry Creme Frappuchino from Starbucks

I don’t drink coffee, but that won’t stop me to stop by at Starbucks everytime I’m in a city where it’s located! I always drink the same though, A Strawberry Creme Frappuchino [size tall] .

It’s like a strawberry milkshake, but healthier and more delicious. It’s made with fresh milk, and as expected from Starbucks you can choose either skimmed milk, half-skimmed, regular milk or soja-milk. So even lactose-intolerant people can get one, how nice is that! You can also choose if you want whipped cream, and it doesn’t cost extra.A Tall costs 4.50 euros [a milkshake of that size costs around 2.30 orso], maybe a bit expensive, but so worth it. Too bad the nearest starbucks for me is a two hour train drive.
And you, ever been to Starbucks? If so, what is your favourite beverage? Leave a comment!


Well hello there~!

Oh, Hi there!

Hi there, yeah you, lurking around that corner. Why don't you come a little  closer? I don't bite, at least not hard..


Haha well then, since I see everyone around me starting a blog, I thought I'd 
start one too. Yeah that much was clear, but what about? Hmm I didn't want
to stick  to one theme, so I guess everything I think that is interesting to
write about. Beauty, Games, Anime, Manga, Events, a little bit of random crap
from my pathetic little life and maybe a little story now and then.
Sounds fun? No? Then shoo!

My name is Mary-ann, also known as Immi on the interwebs, or as this blog's
name states, Cookie Juice [I don't know, it just sounds cool]. I'm a scorpio,
born on October 28th, 1992. I'm a Dutchie, meaning I live in The Netherlands.
Why this blog's in English then, you ask? That's so that english speaking
people can also understand it without having to copy-paste anything into a
translator machine [well aren't I nice?]. Hmm what's more to tell.. I love
anime, manga, cosplay, randomness and more. Actually, basically
I'm just your average random retard.

Not gonna happen. I'm not saying I will post here every day/week/month,
I will post whenever something awesome happened, have something to review
or simply just want to share something. So don't go expecting things from
me, I'm not good at fulfilling them ^^; Sometimes I upload multiple
blogpost in a day, sometimes I won't upload one for weeks. Just saying.

Well either way that was it for introduction I guess?
As soon as I get this up I will think about and write my first
interesting blogpost :3 Have fun reading~!