Well hello there~!

Oh, Hi there!

Hi there, yeah you, lurking around that corner. Why don't you come a little  closer? I don't bite, at least not hard..


Haha well then, since I see everyone around me starting a blog, I thought I'd 
start one too. Yeah that much was clear, but what about? Hmm I didn't want
to stick  to one theme, so I guess everything I think that is interesting to
write about. Beauty, Games, Anime, Manga, Events, a little bit of random crap
from my pathetic little life and maybe a little story now and then.
Sounds fun? No? Then shoo!

My name is Mary-ann, also known as Immi on the interwebs, or as this blog's
name states, Cookie Juice [I don't know, it just sounds cool]. I'm a scorpio,
born on October 28th, 1992. I'm a Dutchie, meaning I live in The Netherlands.
Why this blog's in English then, you ask? That's so that english speaking
people can also understand it without having to copy-paste anything into a
translator machine [well aren't I nice?]. Hmm what's more to tell.. I love
anime, manga, cosplay, randomness and more. Actually, basically
I'm just your average random retard.

Not gonna happen. I'm not saying I will post here every day/week/month,
I will post whenever something awesome happened, have something to review
or simply just want to share something. So don't go expecting things from
me, I'm not good at fulfilling them ^^; Sometimes I upload multiple
blogpost in a day, sometimes I won't upload one for weeks. Just saying.

Well either way that was it for introduction I guess?
As soon as I get this up I will think about and write my first
interesting blogpost :3 Have fun reading~!


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