First timers – Ebay shopping!

I’m a bit ashamed to say, but a few weeks ago I bought my first things on Ebay! I recovered my passwords for both Ebay and Paypal, cause, well, I can’t always rely on others to buy me stuff from Ebay. And since I had recieved extra money, it was the perfect time to browse around for nice stuff!
-Find me some cute asian fashionwear for cheap prices
-Finding a present for Kyra and Cheyenne’s birthday.

I ended up with a total of 5 things owo Being:

Two cute hoodies, one for Kyra and one for me. She gave me so much, in more than one way, so this is my little way to thank her. Payment has been processed and are on their way to here!
[Left one is for Kyra, the right one in black for me]

Cute Hello Kitty phone cases. One for Kyra and Chey for their birthday, one for me and one for my little sister. Payment has been processed and are on their way here.

Kyra’s birthday presents. A little plush telephone holder. Payment is being processed.

Cheyenne’s birthday present. A tofu phone charm. Don’t know wich colour I’ll get tho, I just get one randomly. Payment is being processed.

So, what was the first thing you ever bought on Ebay? Or can’t you remember anymore since it’s been too long ago?


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