Hotspots – Yves Rocher store, Utrecht

Since two weeks, Utrecht centre has an Yves Rocher store. For those who are not familiar with Yves Rocher, Wikipedia says the following;
Yves Rocher is a French cosmetics brand. The company was founded in 1958 in the French La Gacilly in Brittany by the entrepreneur Yves Rocher (1930-2009).The company Yves Rocher had 2004 sales of just over two billion U.S. dollars. It employs more than 13,000 employees and the company is present in 88 countries.The group also carries the brands Daniel Jouvance, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, Isabel Derroisne, Kiotis Gallery and Noemi. The company produces products based on natural ingredients. In addition, none of the products are being tested on animals.

Me myself, I am quite familiar with YR, seeing as my grandmother used to order stuff from there, and I always got the free samples she didn’t use, or the little free gift that you recieve with every order. YR is mostly known as a webshop [ %5D. I knew there was a shop in Rotterdam, but I don’t go to Rotterdam that often, so when I saw that there would be one in Utrecht, I was really excited! I may live in one of the most southern parts of The Netherlands, but when I really want to go shopping, it’s Utrecht. It’s centre is just so much bigger.
So yesterday I went to Utrecht again, to visit the mangakissa and to check out this store. The store is really bright and neat, and when you go inside your nose gets filled with a delicious mixture of scents. Everything is ranked by skintype and collection, and in the middle of the store you can find the make-up and a little further inside a table with perfumes. When I entered and let my nostrils gasm with the nice smell, I gawked and walked through the entire store not once, not twice, but thrice. The saleswoman must’ve thought I’d be trying to steal something haha. I’ve touched and tested everything that seemed interesting, like a little girl in a candystore.

Ofcourse I also bought something, a little present for Kyra wich just screamed her name all over it. I will give it to her after the weekend, and hopefully she’ll do a review about it on her blog [knowing her, she will], and then I’ll edit this blogpost with a link to the review 😉
Either way, when I went to the checkout to pay for my purchase, they offered me a membercard, wich I gladly accepted! At the moment I have a temporary tho, next time I visit the store I will get the official card and a free welcoming gift. Also I had to fill in my birth date so they can send me a free gift for my birthday! I have to see if I actually get one, but luckily my birthday is in about three weeks so I don’t have to wait long. Then I got this envelope with information about YR, the membercard, and a few samples! I love free samples *w* Also they don’t have plastic bags, because of the environment, so they sell handy little recyclable bags that don’t take up alot of space in your bag when packed, for only 90 cents [ Like this but in green > ].

I left the store with a smile on my face, and I’m certainly shopping there more often!


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  1. Kiyoshi
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 14:32:58

    We should go to Utrecht together some day! For me it is very near.


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