Guestblogpost — Making a skirt – by InsolentLady~

A guest blog for my dear friend Immi, of course I would do that. And after long thinking I found a nice subject for her blog.

Well we all know that your favourite jeans or other pants die way too fast. Holes everywhere from the legs till the crotch. Here a simple thing you can do when your pants just died!
All you need is :
-Pair of pants
-2 or 3 colours fabric
-Sewing machine
-Measure tape
-Pins with plastic heads

If you have all this, let’s get started!
First step – cut of the legs of the pants, just below the crotch. Then you cut open the crotch and then you carefully cut your “once pants” into a very very short mini skirt. Make sure you cut straight!

Second step – cut the fabric you bought, you can buy one colour or more colours fabric, whatever you want, but it has to be a thin fabric, I used texture which is a bit too thick but if you practice it works.
You have to cut three pieces : one of 40 cm, one of 30 cm and one of 18 cm long, the fabric should be 1.40 to 1.50 width

Sow the side of the strokes close and make sure you sowed the underside of the fabric too, you don’t want to walk around when your fabric is losing treads !

Third step – Put the three or two strokes over each other, longest stroke inside and then the middle stroke and/or the last stroke of fabric. Now you have a three or a two layered skirt. Now you thread and wrinkle the upper side of the layers together, make sure the wrinkles are neat and then sow the skirt on to the mini skirt you made from your pants.
And done is your skirt!
Like I said I only used two layers, now I have a nice short skirt that stops above my knees. If you make one like mine you only need to cut the stroke of 30 cm and the 18 cm one.


I’m really sorry that I don’t have photos on the work in progress!
Well that was my guestblog!


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