Personal – Events – Abunai Afterparty!

So yesterday I went to the Abunai Afterparty at Utrecht. Basically it was just an Utrecht Cosplay Meeting, but with an other name. I stayed over at Mala’s the night before, because I could and because I love sleepoverd. We woke up at 8.30 in the morning, dressed ourselves [especially Mala took a long time for that, since I was going casual], and around 10.46 we had the train to Utrecht.

After arriving at Utrecht Central, we regrouped with the others. It felt good to see people I hadn’t seen since Abunai, hug them and talk to them. After waiting for some people, we went towards the Domtower and the church garden. We had so much fun! Took pictures, being random and more. I also took a few nice snapshots of Mala, these are the three I think are the prettiest:
There are a lot more where those came from x3 At least now she can’t whine she doesn’t have enough pictures of herself, haha.

After the garden we went to the Mangakissa. Wich was also really fun! Wietz brought the most delicious cupcakes, wich I nommed very happily. We got tea from the Mangakissa crew and talked, played cardgames and lounged for some hours. And Stefan bringing us selfmade chocolate cookies wich were also very delicious. Around five we went to McDonalds to eat. Also had alot of fun there. We had our own orgie with around ten people on the benches [not an actual orgie, relax], me and Alyssa tried to strip jens of his pants, in wich we failed. Then, I think an hour and a half later we went to the arcade! Was lots of fun, got beaten by jens during our DDR rematch [I was playing with high heels, I blame them for losing]. Other people had a motorrace match or a laserhockeymatch.In the meantime some people were leaving, and around 7.30 we went to the station with the rest of the group. There we took this awesome group picture;
Kind of blurry butwhocares. Some people left after this picture was taken tho. So sad.

So a few of us were still left, and we didn’t feel like going home just yet. I mean, it was only 8.00! So we decided to go to the most awesome rock cafe ever, Stairway to Heaven, and grab ourselves a drink. So much fun~! Talked about the most funniest [and perverted] things, and around 9.45 we had to go to the station already because it was time to go home. When we grouphugged two random dirty old men joined us, on wich I screamed ‘EEEEEW’. Was funny. Then I hugged some people seperatly and walked to my train. And with that, A wonderfull day ended. Made me really sad. In my opinion it was one of the most awesome meetings I’ve been to. And I really want to go to Stairway to Heaven more often with friends. But erhm yeah, it’s kind of far away from where I live. Sadface.





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insolentlady
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 21:16:38

    You make great photos yet again! You should totally drop by when Kristel and I do a Drarry shoot or during the wintershoot!


  2. Sann
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 22:13:15

    Aw nice post:D
    Wist niet dat abunai after party gewoon een meet was x3.. Nu baal ik dat ik het heb gemist:O!
    Wij anders samen een keer naar stairway to heaven gaan? ^^ Dan mag je wel bij mij pitten if you like :3


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