Holidays are coming!

December! Wich means christmas holidays are coming~!

I Looooooooooooove christmas! Makes me feel all tingly inside haha. And even though I nag about it a lot, I also love the cold weather and the snow Well the cold days are an excuse for the following things:
-Cuddling close to that one person
-Ice skating
-Hot Chocolate. With whipped cream ofcourse.
-Staying inside under the blankets
-Lots of sleepovers
-and some other things I can’t think of right now c:

And ofcourse, there’s New Years Eve! The ending of an old year, and the beginning of a new! Starting fresh and new, that’s what it’s all about, right? And the fireworks, let’s not forget the pretty fireworks!
And ofcourse, getting kissed by the boy/girl you like when the clock strikes midnight ❤

Holidays are a great time to spent alot of time with friends and family~ Me myself, I'll be planning as much stuff with my friends as possible!

And maybe, just maybe.. I'll be lucky with my special someone ;3


Picture Dump – Inspirational

I just wanted to do a little picture dump of some inspirational images I keep on my computer c: so, here we go~

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

-All the images are from –

30dayChallenge — Day 7 – Colours


Absolute Favourite

2 Red
The colour of fire, passion, and love.

3 Black
Emptiness, The Void, The Unknown, makes me curious. Even though black isn’t an actual colour c:

4 Green
Nature’s colour

5 Purple
Mysteries~ ^___^

So, what are your favourite colours? 😀

30daychallenge — day 6 – Activities

1 Hanging out with friends!
Ofcourse. Like. Duh.
I love my crazy, goofy friends. They mean the world to me! I love hanging out with them, being random, goofy, crazy and laughing my butt off xD

2 Random internet browsing/chatting with friends / social networking
Says all, right? Without social networks the contact with my friends would be quite minimum D:

3 Reading manga
I luuuuurveee reading awesome manga

4 Shopping!
Yes, as the girl that I am. Even if it’s window shopping because I can’t spend any money, I love shopping! With my lady friends or my manly friends, whoever wants to join ^__^

5 Doing girly stuff, with or without lady friends
Just. Duh. No further explanation needed, right?

So, how about you? 😀 Do tell in the comments below!

30daychallenge — day 5 – Food

Day 5 – Food

Day4 was too hard, so I just skipped it 8D So, up next is my top5 favourite food!

1 Tosti
You can wake me up for this, like, literally. Especially if there’s a lot of cheese on it.

2 Pizza
Like, duh. Who doesn’t like pizza? 😀 Perfect dor during a movie or when you’re hanging with friends ^^

3 Cauliflowerovendish
Nom! I’m not a vegetable lover, but this dish I find just delicioussss

4 Chocolate
Chocolate is food! ^__^ I’m a girl, so ofcourse I like chocolate, it makes us feel better :3

5 pudding
GIGA PUDDI. No. Not really. But close c:

so that’s about it Iguess?

30daysChallenge — day3 – Tv/Movie Friendships

day 3 – Movie/Television friendships.

Hmm, another quite though one. Let’s see!

1 Harry/Ron/Hermoine – Harry Potter series
Ofcourse. This threesome goes through so much together, and even with all that crap going on, their friendship remains as strong as can be. You can’t just not love them.

2 Rachel/Kurt – Glee
Two divas, two dramaqueens. Perfect. I love them both so much.

3 Will/Grace – Will and Grace
Single woman who lives together with her gay best friend. Enough said.

4 Santana/Brittany – Glee
Even though it’s a little bit more than friendship, they have to be in this list. Brittana forever!

5 Rose/The Doctor – Doctor Who
I can’t help it, I love Rose. And those two just belong together, period. But that’s my opinion.

Okay, a bit more tough than I thought, pfew! -wipes sweat off forehead-
Now, how about you?!

30daysChallenge — day2 – Movies

Day 2 – Movies

Top 5 movies. Pff easycake! Here we go..

1 The Tenth Kingdom
Technically speaking this is a mini series and not a movie, but doesn’t matter! Because I’m one of those douchebags who watches the whole series as a movie of 9 hours. Either way, HNNGG. Absolute Favourite. Ever. I love how the whole story is made with tales from the Grimm brothers. I love the maincharacters, the humor, the romance. If you’re a fairytale lover, it’s a big recommendation! And if that wasn’t enough, Al bundy also plays in it, as a shoe-obsessed troll king.

2 Mulan [disney]
Disney movies are movies too! So second is Mulan. Gosh I’ve watched this one soo often in dutch that I can quote about half of the movie. And you just got to love Mushu, like seriously.

3 The Princess Diaries
Jup, chick flick. I totally adore this movie. I also loved the books, even though it’s quite different than the movie. Either way, chick flicks. yes. This movie is my alltime favourite of them. It’s very entertaining to see how Mia Thermopolis struggles to learn the ways of a princess. Looking for a movie to watch with your girly girlfriends? Look no further! haha.

4 Despicable Me
Enough said. Everyone who saw this movie most probably agrees with me 😀 From the evil Dr Gru to little Agnes and her unicorn obsession, this movie is just pure love.

5 The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
Sighing doors, Vorlon poetry, a depressive robot and the meaning of Life, the Universe and everything else. 42, that’s all I can say about it.

I have to be honest, it took me quite some time to find a suitable number five, but I succeeded, yay! So, what’s your top five all-time favourite movies?

30dayChallenge — Day 1 – Tv Series

Hmm, the first day is already a though one. Because I don’t really watch television that often xD Well then, here goes!

1 Glee!
Yes, Glee! I came to watch it through some friends of mine and I totally, absolutely love itThe drama, the singing, the fun, the love, the everything!


2 As The World Turns
A soap series I started to watch thanks to my mother and grandmother. Although I don’t really follow it all that much anymore, because I don’t really watch television x’3


3 America’s/Holland’s Next Top Model
Yeah I’m a bit of a girly girl who likes to watch other girls get the chance of their life. Also I love the assignments and jobs they get, and see how they deal with it. And they sometimes share quite some handy beauty tips andsuch :3


4 Project Catwalk
The creativity, the designs, the fashion shows.. love. just. love.


5 NCIS/CSI/Law&Order
Ofcourse, my list won’t be complete without some crime series. I don’t really know why, I just like to watch them x3


Pff that was hard! And you, what is your top 5? 😀