30dayChallenge — Day 1 – Tv Series

Hmm, the first day is already a though one. Because I don’t really watch television that often xD Well then, here goes!

1 Glee!
Yes, Glee! I came to watch it through some friends of mine and I totally, absolutely love itThe drama, the singing, the fun, the love, the everything!


2 As The World Turns
A soap series I started to watch thanks to my mother and grandmother. Although I don’t really follow it all that much anymore, because I don’t really watch television x’3


3 America’s/Holland’s Next Top Model
Yeah I’m a bit of a girly girl who likes to watch other girls get the chance of their life. Also I love the assignments and jobs they get, and see how they deal with it. And they sometimes share quite some handy beauty tips andsuch :3


4 Project Catwalk
The creativity, the designs, the fashion shows.. love. just. love.


5 NCIS/CSI/Law&Order
Ofcourse, my list won’t be complete without some crime series. I don’t really know why, I just like to watch them x3


Pff that was hard! And you, what is your top 5? 😀


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