30daysChallenge — day3 – Tv/Movie Friendships

day 3 – Movie/Television friendships.

Hmm, another quite though one. Let’s see!

1 Harry/Ron/Hermoine – Harry Potter series
Ofcourse. This threesome goes through so much together, and even with all that crap going on, their friendship remains as strong as can be. You can’t just not love them.

2 Rachel/Kurt – Glee
Two divas, two dramaqueens. Perfect. I love them both so much.

3 Will/Grace – Will and Grace
Single woman who lives together with her gay best friend. Enough said.

4 Santana/Brittany – Glee
Even though it’s a little bit more than friendship, they have to be in this list. Brittana forever!

5 Rose/The Doctor – Doctor Who
I can’t help it, I love Rose. And those two just belong together, period. But that’s my opinion.

Okay, a bit more tough than I thought, pfew! -wipes sweat off forehead-
Now, how about you?!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Miranda
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 08:48:01

    Maybe I’ll post this on my blog to, to keep me busy everyday. Because I miss my sister very much T_T. I like the first of your list to ^^ but I don’t even know who the others are (A). Ill google them after I posted my comment 🙂 *hugs*


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