Things that make me happy~

Soooo. I thought, why don’t I make a little picture post of things that make me happy? So here it is! With pictures ofcourse~
In no particular order;

image Opening of a new Lush store in my favourite shopping town! ❤

image Finally having a psp! At the moment I’m playing ”Tales of Eternia”

image My cow kigurumi! I totally match with Clara now. And it’s sooo comfy >w<

image Sorry it’s upside down, but that doesn’t matter. A framed photo of me and my boyfriend, after we returned from the Elf Fantasy Fair <33

image Meeting one of my favourite pretty famous dutch beautybloggers! Serena Verbon held a presentation about starting with [beauty]blogging. In real life she’s even more pretty ❤



What makes you happy? 😀


Quite Alive

Yes I am actually quite alive. Even though I haven’t posted here in a looooooooooong time.

Maybe I should again. I have no clue if anyone even follows this blog anymore.  I could drop personal shit here and shit that interests me. But I also have a shared beautyblog in dutch with a friend.


Y’know, maybe this whole blogging thing is nothing for me. But I still wanna try to find my ‘blogging mojo’. If you know what I mean. And I need to dump my thoughts somewhere, right?


Ahwell, I’ll see. Maybe I’ll start writing again.

That reminds me, I have a story lying somewhere that I started 3/4 years ago. Maybe continue it? Or even better, restart?


Either way that was it. Byee~