Light and Darkness – Prologue

There he goes, through the rain that’s pouring down.
Silently he cries, though no one sees.
His black, leathery cape fluttered in the non-existing wind, when he turns around at the sound of a cracking branch.
Speeding his pass he ran through the watery pools, water splashing over his black boots.
He ran and he ran, for hours it seemed, untill he reached a deserted path which seemed to lead to a village a little further.
The village looked buried in the shadow of the full moon.
He slowed his pass down and followed the path leading to it, while rocks blocked his way here and there.

A mercenary with horse and wagon approached him, but stopped when he saw the young man walking.
”Ya goin’ to the town up there, lad?”, he asked and pointed at the village behind him.
The boy nodded and the mercenary shook his head.
”Ain’t wise to go there, my boy. Strange things happen there, strange things I tell ya!”
”I see..”, the boy replied in a soft voice, almost a whisper.
He continued to walk again, heading for the town still.
Behind him, the mercenary shook his head while watching him.
”Young people these days don’t know what’s good for ’em”, he muttered and continued his way, away from the village.

Not much later the young man arrived at the gates of the village and made his way in.
He looked around for signs of life and stepped towards an old man sitting in front of his house.
”Excuse me, old man, but can you tell me where I can find an inn?”
The old man took a good look at the young one before him. He had this strange aura surrounding him, that he could not quite place.
”Around the corner on your left is the Golden Coin inn”, he just simply replied.
The boy thanked him and went as he had said.
Upon entering the inn he walked towards the owners desk.
”I’d like to hire a room.”
”Excellent!”, the inn owner said. ”Your name please?”
A pair of black, ice cold eyes stared at him from beneath a hood.
”My name is Sodi”.


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