I’m kinda really frustrated right now.

If you follow me on twitter andstuff you might be like  /YOUDONTSAY/

But why am I frustrated?



-I don’t understand shit of the patterns of my cosplay. And it’s a cosplay I really want to do too!

-I can’t quite figure out how to make bootcovers of an other cosplay that I also really wanna do!

-I am excited for animecon, I really am. But there’s also something that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, or better, someone. It’s like a nasty feeling in my stomach. And I want it OUT OUT OUT!

-Jobhunting is being a DISASTER. It’s depressing. Very.

-I feel like I’m keeping way to much to myself, but I can’t get myself to open up. I just can’t. I think this is probably the most frustrating thing of all.


I wanna curl up in my bed and sleep. But instead I’m going to read blogs and drool over new make up collections and stuff until Glee’s on. I think, Because I really wanna see the new Glee. Because I can’t just go and hide myself whenever the fuck I want. Life goes on you know. Andstuff.


/End of rant


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. belsammael
    May 08, 2012 @ 21:50:35

    The start of this entry is so cute :3

    One more thing: you can do a hell of a lot more on cosplay creation stuff than I can, so silence >_>

    One more thing: if there’s something bothering you for Animecon, and it’s not who I think it is (I have two candidates in mind, one for each gender), I’d like to know; nothing can hurt you there, but if you dread one doing so, I’ll make sure they don’t by going all barrowman on them.

    …and after Animecon we’ll have a big talk too. About job hunts and what you really want and like, I want to activate my network too ;o

    As for keeping stuff to yourself: you’re worse than I ;o – next time something’s bothering you, I want to hear it from you first, not read it in your blog; but I don’t particulary mind or am bothered by it either, so don’t worry… since I can read it here too ;3


  2. belsammael
    May 08, 2012 @ 21:52:10

    Shit, Ik faal; ik wilde ieder nieuw onderwerp beginnen met One More Thing…

    en dan eindigen met: http://youtu.be/W1IyIbs3Qo0


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