Song || The Beauty and the Tragedy by Trading Yesterday

I love listening to this song. It’ makes me calm and comforts me in a weird way. A lot of songs from Trading Yesterday do, actually. But I will share only one today (:



Watch your step, love is broken
I am every tear you cry
Save your breath, your heart has spoken
You already have my life

For I am finding out that love will kill and save me
Taking the dreams that made me up and tearing them away
But the same love will take this heart that’s barely beating
And fill it with hope beyond the stars only love

Another day, another sunrise
Washing over everything
In it’s time, love will be mine
The beauty and the tragedy



Love, Immi~


I’ve been thinking… || Plans for the future


I’ve been thinking.
This month I’ll be living back at my parent’s place for a year. Before that I lived on my own for a year. I realized this yesterday.
And it got me thinking. Now isn’t it a secret that I tend to think too much, I know. Still not sure if good or bad thing. But alas, I can’t prevent it from happening ghehe.

So yeah, I’ve been pondering andstuff. And I decided that my main goal for this year is to live on my own again by december. For that I need to save up a lot of money, but I got a job now. Even though it’s just for five weeks, since they wanted people for summer holidays. But after those five weeks I plan on staying with that company. Probably won’t get as many hours, but it pays. And that is what matters for me at the moment.
I’ve also decided that I want to stay at my parent’s untill at least october, so I can save up money untill then and move out as soon as I find something decent around november. Might not be my brightest idea, but yeah. I just want to have enough money to survive for at least two months on my own. Because I don’t think it will be that easy to get a new job.
Even though I want to do the same as I am going to do now. But it’s a different city andstuff so who knows?

It might sound weird and even as I have not been thinking good about it at all, but it’s hard to explain on paper (screen?).


Because, you know? During winter I just want to lay on my own damn couch, with the candles on, snacks, a series and a cozy blanket. Oh and don’t forget a good cup of tea. Or a good book instead of a series. Even the boyfriend can come visit in the evenings if he wants.
As long as he doesn’t take my spot on the couch.

It would be perfect if I also would have a cat to bug me. Cats are awesome. And fluffy.




The most beautiful art you’ve ever seen!

So I was just checking facebook the other day, browsing through my newsfeed.

Nothing weird, just the usual.

Some funny things.

Some happy things.

A few sad things.

And then, I came across two drawings made by friends of mine. They were the most beautiful drawings I’ve ever seen, and I want to share them with you!

This drawing is made by Caroline  

And this one is made by Kristel





No but really.
I love my friends and their humor.
Been laughing for at least 5 minutes when I saw this.





Yes dissapointment. What about, you may ask? Especially so shortly after a post titled ‘Proud’.

Well this is not about me, actually. But I just have to shake it off.
It dissapoints me that someone who I used to know really well has changed sooo much. The funny thing is, I joked about him changing this way, but I never actually thought he really would. It makes me a tad bit sad, while it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t care less, but I do, a bit. It saddens me that this person I once knew so well, has become a complete stranger to me. Ofcourse, I also choose for that myself. But gaah, I don’t know! It makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. It makes me frustsad. Yes I just invented a new word, deal with it.­­ I just have to deal with it though. But that doesn’t keep me from silently hoping that deep down, he is still the same person I once called my best friend.

/End of rant


Don’t you think ‘frustsad’ sounds a little bit like ‘fruit salad’? Or is it just me?
~’Hey Ash I made you some Fruit Salad’
‘Oh boy Fruit Salad!’
‘Fruit salad, yummy yummy’~
… Ahem.Forgive me.

Light and Darkness – Chapter 1

You can find the prologue here > 

The sunlight shone trough the window, thereby waking up the figure that lay in the bed across.
“Mmm…Blasted sunlight..”
Sodi pulled up the covers and turned his back to the window when someone knocked on the door. “Wake up call! Breakfast is ready!”, a cheery voice said.
Sodi ignored it and pulled up the covers more.
“Sir? You’re awake?”.
A silent crack was heard when the door slowly opened.
“Sir?”. The voice was trembling. “A-are you alive?”.

Before the girl knew what was happening to her she was pushed to the door with great strenght.
Her body shivered, when she felt his breathing on her face.
“Who are you?”, he whispered.
She opened her eyes to look at him. “I-I am Yumiko”.
“I’m the inn owner’s daughter..”, she replied.

Sodi looked at her, her blue sapphire orbs looking back at him
In them he read something holding between fear and curiosity.
He released her and walked back to the bed.
“Sir? I didn’t mean to disturb you, or something…”, Yumiko said and bowed.
“I’ll be coming in a minute”, the shadowy figure just replied.
The girl stared at him, then nodded.
“Okay”, and the door closed again.

Sodi slowly stood up. He was still wearing the black trousers from the night before.
His chest was covered with…well at the moment nothing.
He grabbed the black shirt on the floor and put it on.
He then stretched out, put on his boots and made his way downstairs.

When he arrived downstairs he walked to the nearest empty table and sat down.
Immediatly Yumiko brought his breakfast. “Have a nice meal”.
Sodi nodded at er and started eating.
Five minutes later Yumiko came again to collect his empty plate.
But instead of walking away she stayed where she was and looked at the dark brunnette.

“What is it?”, Sodi asked.
“Would you like me to guide you around town?”.
Sodi looked at her. “Why you ask?”.
“Well you’re new here aren’t you?”. On that, he nodded.
“Well then, there’s no reason to decline now, is there?”, Yumiko winked.
Sodi chuckled. “Well, I have to admit, mylady, that I like your character”.
With her free hand, Yumiko leaned on her hip. “Well then, do we have a deal?”.
“It’s not like I can talk you out of it, can I?”, Sodi smiled.
Yumiko laughed. “I’ll be cleaning the tables, after that I’m free”, she said and walked away.

Sodi looked at her and sniffed.
“Annoying girl…”
He then stood up and walked upstairs to his room.
“If she’s gonna guide me around this town, I’d better be equipped”.


Maybe not the best image to start off a post with a title as this one, but a very relatable image actually.

So yesterday around 11pm I suddenly got active, and decided to do some stuff for the dutch girly blog I co-host.  And not in the sens of writing and scheduling posts, but the actual behind the scenes technical stuff.
Now, you need to know that technical IT stuff is just not it for me. First of all I lack the proper knowledge, and I never really felt much for it. But last night I decided to push that all aside and just do some work 🙂

So I did the following:

-added some widgets

-made some changes to the lay-out

-Connected google apps

-made personalized e-mail adresses through google apps

And the last one is where I got frustrated. Because, to connect the mail adresses to the domain, I had to change the DNS settings. It took me half an hour to get it right! Even though the only thing I had to do basically was copy-paste. It was soo stupid when I finally got it right, haha xD But I got it in the end, and that matters!

So yeah. I’m actually really proud I did all that, and that it went good :3 Maybe stupid, because for others it might be something really small. And honestly, it wasn’t that much, but I’m still proud of myself :3

What are you proud at yourself for, right now? ~