Light and Darkness – Chapter 1

You can find the prologue here > 

The sunlight shone trough the window, thereby waking up the figure that lay in the bed across.
“Mmm…Blasted sunlight..”
Sodi pulled up the covers and turned his back to the window when someone knocked on the door. “Wake up call! Breakfast is ready!”, a cheery voice said.
Sodi ignored it and pulled up the covers more.
“Sir? You’re awake?”.
A silent crack was heard when the door slowly opened.
“Sir?”. The voice was trembling. “A-are you alive?”.

Before the girl knew what was happening to her she was pushed to the door with great strenght.
Her body shivered, when she felt his breathing on her face.
“Who are you?”, he whispered.
She opened her eyes to look at him. “I-I am Yumiko”.
“I’m the inn owner’s daughter..”, she replied.

Sodi looked at her, her blue sapphire orbs looking back at him
In them he read something holding between fear and curiosity.
He released her and walked back to the bed.
“Sir? I didn’t mean to disturb you, or something…”, Yumiko said and bowed.
“I’ll be coming in a minute”, the shadowy figure just replied.
The girl stared at him, then nodded.
“Okay”, and the door closed again.

Sodi slowly stood up. He was still wearing the black trousers from the night before.
His chest was covered with…well at the moment nothing.
He grabbed the black shirt on the floor and put it on.
He then stretched out, put on his boots and made his way downstairs.

When he arrived downstairs he walked to the nearest empty table and sat down.
Immediatly Yumiko brought his breakfast. “Have a nice meal”.
Sodi nodded at er and started eating.
Five minutes later Yumiko came again to collect his empty plate.
But instead of walking away she stayed where she was and looked at the dark brunnette.

“What is it?”, Sodi asked.
“Would you like me to guide you around town?”.
Sodi looked at her. “Why you ask?”.
“Well you’re new here aren’t you?”. On that, he nodded.
“Well then, there’s no reason to decline now, is there?”, Yumiko winked.
Sodi chuckled. “Well, I have to admit, mylady, that I like your character”.
With her free hand, Yumiko leaned on her hip. “Well then, do we have a deal?”.
“It’s not like I can talk you out of it, can I?”, Sodi smiled.
Yumiko laughed. “I’ll be cleaning the tables, after that I’m free”, she said and walked away.

Sodi looked at her and sniffed.
“Annoying girl…”
He then stood up and walked upstairs to his room.
“If she’s gonna guide me around this town, I’d better be equipped”.


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