Yes dissapointment. What about, you may ask? Especially so shortly after a post titled ‘Proud’.

Well this is not about me, actually. But I just have to shake it off.
It dissapoints me that someone who I used to know really well has changed sooo much. The funny thing is, I joked about him changing this way, but I never actually thought he really would. It makes me a tad bit sad, while it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t care less, but I do, a bit. It saddens me that this person I once knew so well, has become a complete stranger to me. Ofcourse, I also choose for that myself. But gaah, I don’t know! It makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. It makes me frustsad. Yes I just invented a new word, deal with it.­­ I just have to deal with it though. But that doesn’t keep me from silently hoping that deep down, he is still the same person I once called my best friend.

/End of rant


Don’t you think ‘frustsad’ sounds a little bit like ‘fruit salad’? Or is it just me?
~’Hey Ash I made you some Fruit Salad’
‘Oh boy Fruit Salad!’
‘Fruit salad, yummy yummy’~
… Ahem.Forgive me.


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