I’ve been thinking… || Plans for the future


I’ve been thinking.
This month I’ll be living back at my parent’s place for a year. Before that I lived on my own for a year. I realized this yesterday.
And it got me thinking. Now isn’t it a secret that I tend to think too much, I know. Still not sure if good or bad thing. But alas, I can’t prevent it from happening ghehe.

So yeah, I’ve been pondering andstuff. And I decided that my main goal for this year is to live on my own again by december. For that I need to save up a lot of money, but I got a job now. Even though it’s just for five weeks, since they wanted people for summer holidays. But after those five weeks I plan on staying with that company. Probably won’t get as many hours, but it pays. And that is what matters for me at the moment.
I’ve also decided that I want to stay at my parent’s untill at least october, so I can save up money untill then and move out as soon as I find something decent around november. Might not be my brightest idea, but yeah. I just want to have enough money to survive for at least two months on my own. Because I don’t think it will be that easy to get a new job.
Even though I want to do the same as I am going to do now. But it’s a different city andstuff so who knows?

It might sound weird and even as I have not been thinking good about it at all, but it’s hard to explain on paper (screen?).


Because, you know? During winter I just want to lay on my own damn couch, with the candles on, snacks, a series and a cozy blanket. Oh and don’t forget a good cup of tea. Or a good book instead of a series. Even the boyfriend can come visit in the evenings if he wants.
As long as he doesn’t take my spot on the couch.

It would be perfect if I also would have a cat to bug me. Cats are awesome. And fluffy.





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