What I’ve been up to lately

It’s been a while, October has passed. What have I been up to?

Well I’ve been to First Look, which was awesome. But crowded. Everywhere were long lines so we didn’t actually get to do something. So we went into Utrecht, to the Mediamarkt/E-Plaza and the arcade. Then some foodz at McDonalds, grabbed something to drink at Starbucks and went back home.

Then was F.A.C.T.S. Was also fun. Also crowded. Saw a lot of friends though! And got an awesome Star Wars t-shirt from my boyfriend for my birthday ❀ But OMYGOD soooo much Star Wars merchandise! Β *^* Good thing I ain’t rich. It was fun yesh :3 Saw awesome cosplays, and seeing some friends again after quite some time was amazing, I missed some of ’em so much ;w;
The day after we went to Cynnick which was fun too :3 Cyncyn made Roti and we watched When in Rome~

Then, My birthday!
It was okay. Markje and Nick came over which was fun~ Family came over which was okay.
-R2D2 plush with sound ❀
-Kneipp Citrus showergel πŸ˜€
-The Body Shop Aloe Mask πŸ˜€
-Project Diva 2nd for my PSP! πŸ˜€
-Cozy slippers :33 [SOVERYCOZY]
-Cute Earwarmers :33
-A coupon for the cinema :3 [Cinemaaaa~]
And a bouquet of flowers and some moneyz. Lovely Loot, love all of it πŸ˜€

The day after, Aurynween! Also a lot of fun! Met some wonderful people there :3 After I went to the Mangakissa in Utrecht which was also fun~

Soyeah that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Β Coming weekends is going to be quite boring, bleeegh ;w; Well there’s going to be Nishicon and a lovely weekend at the boyfriend’s πŸ˜€
Further I’ve been GLUED to my PSP. I mean seriously. Now I’ve updated it AND have project diva 2nd for it, I am gaming alot. Mostly Project Diva and God Eater Burst ^__^

Well that was it actually! Till next time~