So many of em.

I keep stumbling against them and fall back down whenever I catch the rope to climb them. I try and try again, but I always end back on the floor.


So recently I joined this ”models, photographers and make up artists”-group on facebook. Because yes, that model dream is still there.

So I was casually browsing that page today, and some people were asking models for really fun and exciting projects that I would LOVE to be a part in. Also browsing some moodboards posted by photographers that almost had me click the contact button and write a message.


Then I bumped headfirst into two barriers.
The first being my financial situation, meaning I can’t travel.

The second being my insecurity.
I have a nice figure if I may say so, but I lack fair skin.  And that, is my biggest insecurity. I am scared of being rejected because of that. Which brings me back to that barrier.

Sometimes I’m doubting if I shouldn’t just give up. But I don’t want to give up, so I just keep trying to get over it but siiigh.

Just wanted to write that down :3