The most beautiful art you’ve ever seen!

So I was just checking facebook the other day, browsing through my newsfeed.

Nothing weird, just the usual.

Some funny things.

Some happy things.

A few sad things.

And then, I came across two drawings made by friends of mine. They were the most beautiful drawings I’ve ever seen, and I want to share them with you!

This drawing is made by Caroline  

And this one is made by Kristel





No but really.
I love my friends and their humor.
Been laughing for at least 5 minutes when I saw this.






Yes dissapointment. What about, you may ask? Especially so shortly after a post titled ‘Proud’.

Well this is not about me, actually. But I just have to shake it off.
It dissapoints me that someone who I used to know really well has changed sooo much. The funny thing is, I joked about him changing this way, but I never actually thought he really would. It makes me a tad bit sad, while it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t care less, but I do, a bit. It saddens me that this person I once knew so well, has become a complete stranger to me. Ofcourse, I also choose for that myself. But gaah, I don’t know! It makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. It makes me frustsad. Yes I just invented a new word, deal with it.­­ I just have to deal with it though. But that doesn’t keep me from silently hoping that deep down, he is still the same person I once called my best friend.

/End of rant


Don’t you think ‘frustsad’ sounds a little bit like ‘fruit salad’? Or is it just me?
~’Hey Ash I made you some Fruit Salad’
‘Oh boy Fruit Salad!’
‘Fruit salad, yummy yummy’~
… Ahem.Forgive me.

Light and Darkness – Chapter 1

You can find the prologue here > 

The sunlight shone trough the window, thereby waking up the figure that lay in the bed across.
“Mmm…Blasted sunlight..”
Sodi pulled up the covers and turned his back to the window when someone knocked on the door. “Wake up call! Breakfast is ready!”, a cheery voice said.
Sodi ignored it and pulled up the covers more.
“Sir? You’re awake?”.
A silent crack was heard when the door slowly opened.
“Sir?”. The voice was trembling. “A-are you alive?”.

Before the girl knew what was happening to her she was pushed to the door with great strenght.
Her body shivered, when she felt his breathing on her face.
“Who are you?”, he whispered.
She opened her eyes to look at him. “I-I am Yumiko”.
“I’m the inn owner’s daughter..”, she replied.

Sodi looked at her, her blue sapphire orbs looking back at him
In them he read something holding between fear and curiosity.
He released her and walked back to the bed.
“Sir? I didn’t mean to disturb you, or something…”, Yumiko said and bowed.
“I’ll be coming in a minute”, the shadowy figure just replied.
The girl stared at him, then nodded.
“Okay”, and the door closed again.

Sodi slowly stood up. He was still wearing the black trousers from the night before.
His chest was covered with…well at the moment nothing.
He grabbed the black shirt on the floor and put it on.
He then stretched out, put on his boots and made his way downstairs.

When he arrived downstairs he walked to the nearest empty table and sat down.
Immediatly Yumiko brought his breakfast. “Have a nice meal”.
Sodi nodded at er and started eating.
Five minutes later Yumiko came again to collect his empty plate.
But instead of walking away she stayed where she was and looked at the dark brunnette.

“What is it?”, Sodi asked.
“Would you like me to guide you around town?”.
Sodi looked at her. “Why you ask?”.
“Well you’re new here aren’t you?”. On that, he nodded.
“Well then, there’s no reason to decline now, is there?”, Yumiko winked.
Sodi chuckled. “Well, I have to admit, mylady, that I like your character”.
With her free hand, Yumiko leaned on her hip. “Well then, do we have a deal?”.
“It’s not like I can talk you out of it, can I?”, Sodi smiled.
Yumiko laughed. “I’ll be cleaning the tables, after that I’m free”, she said and walked away.

Sodi looked at her and sniffed.
“Annoying girl…”
He then stood up and walked upstairs to his room.
“If she’s gonna guide me around this town, I’d better be equipped”.


Maybe not the best image to start off a post with a title as this one, but a very relatable image actually.

So yesterday around 11pm I suddenly got active, and decided to do some stuff for the dutch girly blog I co-host.  And not in the sens of writing and scheduling posts, but the actual behind the scenes technical stuff.
Now, you need to know that technical IT stuff is just not it for me. First of all I lack the proper knowledge, and I never really felt much for it. But last night I decided to push that all aside and just do some work 🙂

So I did the following:

-added some widgets

-made some changes to the lay-out

-Connected google apps

-made personalized e-mail adresses through google apps

And the last one is where I got frustrated. Because, to connect the mail adresses to the domain, I had to change the DNS settings. It took me half an hour to get it right! Even though the only thing I had to do basically was copy-paste. It was soo stupid when I finally got it right, haha xD But I got it in the end, and that matters!

So yeah. I’m actually really proud I did all that, and that it went good :3 Maybe stupid, because for others it might be something really small. And honestly, it wasn’t that much, but I’m still proud of myself :3

What are you proud at yourself for, right now? ~


I have a dream~

Lots of them, actually.
I’m a Dreamer. Although I’m not really sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.
I have a habit of dreaming off whenever I can, about whatever pops up in my mind. Wich means it’s not always nice, but still, love to dream.
Dreams about what can be, what could have been..
Some dreams can be fulfilled if I really set my mind to it.
But I’m scared.
Scared for rejection, scared for failure.

But then again;


And people always say that you need to dream big, so yeah.
And, you know what?
I’ve been thinking. [Oh dear lord].


This year, I want to make at least ONE of my dreams come true.



I need to loosen up, shake off my insecurity and just do it.
Che, even though I’m saying [writing?] this now, I know it’s going to take a while.
But I know I can do it.
I also already know wich dream it’s going to be.
No, I won’t tell here, not yet.
I need to work for it, I know that. But I have people who support me.
It will take a while, and a lot of guts, before I can show results.
Ghe, I’m not even sure if I’m going to succeed, but I can dream, right?




I’m kinda really frustrated right now.

If you follow me on twitter andstuff you might be like  /YOUDONTSAY/

But why am I frustrated?



-I don’t understand shit of the patterns of my cosplay. And it’s a cosplay I really want to do too!

-I can’t quite figure out how to make bootcovers of an other cosplay that I also really wanna do!

-I am excited for animecon, I really am. But there’s also something that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, or better, someone. It’s like a nasty feeling in my stomach. And I want it OUT OUT OUT!

-Jobhunting is being a DISASTER. It’s depressing. Very.

-I feel like I’m keeping way to much to myself, but I can’t get myself to open up. I just can’t. I think this is probably the most frustrating thing of all.


I wanna curl up in my bed and sleep. But instead I’m going to read blogs and drool over new make up collections and stuff until Glee’s on. I think, Because I really wanna see the new Glee. Because I can’t just go and hide myself whenever the fuck I want. Life goes on you know. Andstuff.


/End of rant

Light and Darkness – Prologue

There he goes, through the rain that’s pouring down.
Silently he cries, though no one sees.
His black, leathery cape fluttered in the non-existing wind, when he turns around at the sound of a cracking branch.
Speeding his pass he ran through the watery pools, water splashing over his black boots.
He ran and he ran, for hours it seemed, untill he reached a deserted path which seemed to lead to a village a little further.
The village looked buried in the shadow of the full moon.
He slowed his pass down and followed the path leading to it, while rocks blocked his way here and there.

A mercenary with horse and wagon approached him, but stopped when he saw the young man walking.
”Ya goin’ to the town up there, lad?”, he asked and pointed at the village behind him.
The boy nodded and the mercenary shook his head.
”Ain’t wise to go there, my boy. Strange things happen there, strange things I tell ya!”
”I see..”, the boy replied in a soft voice, almost a whisper.
He continued to walk again, heading for the town still.
Behind him, the mercenary shook his head while watching him.
”Young people these days don’t know what’s good for ’em”, he muttered and continued his way, away from the village.

Not much later the young man arrived at the gates of the village and made his way in.
He looked around for signs of life and stepped towards an old man sitting in front of his house.
”Excuse me, old man, but can you tell me where I can find an inn?”
The old man took a good look at the young one before him. He had this strange aura surrounding him, that he could not quite place.
”Around the corner on your left is the Golden Coin inn”, he just simply replied.
The boy thanked him and went as he had said.
Upon entering the inn he walked towards the owners desk.
”I’d like to hire a room.”
”Excellent!”, the inn owner said. ”Your name please?”
A pair of black, ice cold eyes stared at him from beneath a hood.
”My name is Sodi”.

Things that make me happy~

Soooo. I thought, why don’t I make a little picture post of things that make me happy? So here it is! With pictures ofcourse~
In no particular order;

image Opening of a new Lush store in my favourite shopping town! ❤

image Finally having a psp! At the moment I’m playing ”Tales of Eternia”

image My cow kigurumi! I totally match with Clara now. And it’s sooo comfy >w<

image Sorry it’s upside down, but that doesn’t matter. A framed photo of me and my boyfriend, after we returned from the Elf Fantasy Fair <33

image Meeting one of my favourite pretty famous dutch beautybloggers! Serena Verbon held a presentation about starting with [beauty]blogging. In real life she’s even more pretty ❤



What makes you happy? 😀

Quite Alive

Yes I am actually quite alive. Even though I haven’t posted here in a looooooooooong time.

Maybe I should again. I have no clue if anyone even follows this blog anymore.  I could drop personal shit here and shit that interests me. But I also have a shared beautyblog in dutch with a friend.


Y’know, maybe this whole blogging thing is nothing for me. But I still wanna try to find my ‘blogging mojo’. If you know what I mean. And I need to dump my thoughts somewhere, right?


Ahwell, I’ll see. Maybe I’ll start writing again.

That reminds me, I have a story lying somewhere that I started 3/4 years ago. Maybe continue it? Or even better, restart?


Either way that was it. Byee~

Picture Challenge week 5 – “Strikje” // “Bow”

So this week’s picture challenge was given to me by Uniflame~
“Strikje” , or in english, “Bow”. So here we go!


Voila! This is a bow I made myself, without any sewing 😀
I only need to attach a hairpin to it so I can wear it in my hair ^-^ Also the camera is there so you can kind of visualize the size xD

So, what will next week’s theme be? Leave a comment!

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